The Red Watch

In the wake of the Second Great War, humanity found Earth divided. What had been a shared world now had an alien edge. Literally. No one in the world could ever have imagined that aliens would gaze upon the blue-green orb of Earth with envious eyes and draw their plans … Continue ReadingThe Red Watch

Signs of Treachery

One aspect of play in 214 revolves around the seamy business of corruption, deceit and treachery. Sometimes, the end justifies questionable means to secure certain success. In Complex 214, you may choose to improve your chances of success by exploiting a mutation, for example, or in The Dee Sanction, your … Continue ReadingSigns of Treachery


The 214 system is the heart of both Complex 214 and The Dee Sanction, games of suspicion, paranoia and intrigue in very differing settings. Complex 214 takes places in a world of dystopian certainty. Tales of a dystopia driven by fear, bureaucracy and a low level of life expectancy. Born from vats, trained … Continue Reading214