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Houses of Power

In Summary: This is good stuff. An enjoyable read that provides a very niche focus that has more value as background than as esoteric hooks. Considering the relationship of households, architecture and power, it’s definitely worth a GM picking up. This is Houses of Power, Simon Thurley (2017) — … Continue ReadingHouses of Power

That London

The Ossulstone Hundred is a misnomer. The area of London of particular note for The Dee Sanction is not strictly speaking the Hundred, but a fraction of it that presses against the northern shore of the Thames. From Dowgate Ward to Tower Ward, the area encompasses the southern access to … Continue ReadingThat London

Pre-Generated Characters

During the playtesting of The Dee Sanction, it always proved useful to have a set of pre-generated characters to hand. While I could sometimes depend on player-created characters as part of an ongoing game, pre-gens make a useful fallback option for one-shots and conventions. The five characters in the Pre-Generated Character … Continue ReadingPre-Generated Characters