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ShadowLands to Publish The Dee Sanction

ShadowLands—publisher of Robotta, Starport, supplements for 5e and Cthulhu d100, and Pelgrane Press’s The Esoterrorists—will be publishing a Spanish translation of The Dee Sanction with additional translated and original material to follow. As they announced on their YouTube Channel last night and a blog/podcast this morning, The Dee Sanction has joined their … Continue ReadingShadowLands to Publish The Dee Sanction

Judges Award Winner for Best Role-Playing Game at UK Games Expo 2021

The UK Games Expo Awards include both a Judges Award, determined by a panel chosen for their knowledge of games, and a Peoples Choice Award, voted for by the public through the UKGE website. I’m excited to say that The Dee Sanction won the Judges Award of Best Role-Playing Game against a challenging shortlist – of Osprey Game’s Jackels and … Continue ReadingJudges Award Winner for Best Role-Playing Game at UK Games Expo 2021

Houses of Power

In Summary: This is good stuff. An enjoyable read that provides a very niche focus that has more value as background than as esoteric hooks. Considering the relationship of households, architecture and power, it’s definitely worth a GM picking up. This is Houses of Power, Simon Thurley (2017) — … Continue ReadingHouses of Power