The Dee Sanction Blurb

Francis WalsinghamI have been tinkering with this. I suspect it will change again.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I need to provide a tight and informative intro to The Dee Sanction for my convention games. This is the current draft. It would also work perfectly well for a game system intro (or maybe the back page blurb).

You’re a member of a secret organisation. You have a remit for national security under Sir Francis Walsingham. Walsingham commands a network of intelligence agents and contacts. Few would guess Walsingham would recruit Doctor John Dee, Queen Elizabeth I’s infamous court magician.

Dee leads a team of operatives who investigate and apprehend cultists and dabblers in the dark arts. You’re a member of that team, but not out of choice.

Somewhere between conscription and penance, you work for Walsingham and Dee under duress. You have faint hope that you can use your talents to earn your absolution and release.

Those around you know something of your background, but know nothing of the darkness. You’re not a good person. You are not blameless. You have done bad things, read awful truths, and owe allegiance to beliefs that do you no favours.

You can see light at the end of the tunnel. If only you can outrun the shadows of your past…

Part of that needs to be the background to events. What’s happening, why, and how did your character get involved. This seems to cover the bases for the moment.

Given I’m running another playtest in a little over a week, I need to get this down, along with the focussed crunch overview. Pardon me if I think out loud.

Playtest Eventing

IMG_20141011_131147419While I have been tied up with matters technical for the last week or so, I have had the opportunity to commit myself to some playtest games at upcoming events. I’m certain this will sharpen my interest in getting more low level playtesting done in the meantime.

While I’ll be attending Furnace in Sheffield, next week end, I will not be running any games – although, I might take something 214 along just in case I have the chance come evening time.

The following month I’ll be at IndieCon for three days (of the four day event). IndieCon, sited at Hobourne in Dorset, on the south coast, runs between 6th – 9th November. I’m there partly to assist with All Rolled Up, but also to run games and catch up with folk.

I will be running sessions of Complex 214, The Dee Sanction and Night’s Black Laundry – though not necessarily in that order. The first two will be playtest sessions for 214, while the NBL session will use my The Laundry/Gaean Reach mashup of the Gumshoe system. As they all use card-based character generation, that will be my focus over the next few weeks. I already have the set prepared for NBL, but only a few for C214 and none for TDS.

All being well, I might even squeeze in a game of Advanced Fighting Fantasy (AFF) – but, we’ll see how the weekend pans out.

Come December, we then have the new and enlarged Dragonmeet to attend. That’s Saturday 6th December at the ILEC Convention Centre.

I will be running a session of Complex 214 – though a different one to the IndieCon adventure. There’s a possibility I might have players attending who have played the previous session, so I had best be prepared. Also, it doesn’t make sense to playtest with the same adventure every time, as that isn’t really giving the system a proper run. I want to stretch my legs and try different approaches.

I will also be running a game of AFF that afternoon – as the game I run intentionally aims at just a 90 minute session. I will, however, look to vary this a little also – as I quite like the idea of having quick, drop-in style games suited to filling a partial slot of even doubling up in a big one.

All very busy – so, I need to get this computer/web stuff sorted and get on with it.